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Today, there is a mismatch between the research priorities from patients, physicians and researchers. Clinical trials on diabetes often evaluated treatments using outcomes considered not important by patients and physicians. Therefore, physicians and researchers need help from patients to better understand the reality of chronic conditions.

INSPIRE is a research project aimed at identifying research ideas from a large number of patients.

Eligible patients

Eligibility criteria:

  • people with at least one chronic disease (i. e., a health condition requiring care for at least 6 months)
  • people over 18 years old

Participants will log on to a secure online platform to complete a single online questionnaire to identify their research ideas.

Data analysis

The research ideas suggested by the participants will be analyzed using 2 complementary methods.

Crowdsourcing and natural language processing method: the participants' answers will be analyzed by a combination of crowdsourcing and natural language processing methods. Natural language processing is at the frontier of linguistics, computer science and artificial intelligence.

Manual thematic analysis: along with the crowdsourcing/natural language processing analysis, our research team will manually read all answers to extract participants' research ideas. We will take into account everything you submitted!

Results presentation

The results will be presented using data visualization methods (infographics, dynamic figures, etc.) in order to make them understandable and informative for patients, researchers and decision makers.

INSPIRE will help researchers improve their research so that it can better address problems faced by patients in their daily life.

INSPIRE will change the current model of clinical research by empowering patients.

We will move from a model where research decisions are made by a small group of experts (doctors, researchers) to a model where patients will actively participate in advancing clinical research.

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